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Have you been told you need to have a spinal surgery? Are you suffering from the symptoms of a disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, chronic low back pain, or sciatica?

Before you decide to go under the knife or get anymore corticosteroid shots, please consider the DRX-9000, an affordable alternative solution that often allows you to forgo surgery.

The DRX-9000 is an advanced technology that utilizes a specific and precision analysis to target the affected ares in your back that are causing your unpleasant and painful symptoms. The DRX incorporates a unique approach of spinal traction to decompress the spine to relieve areas of disc herniation and spinal nerve irritation. The process is specific, yet gentle. In addition to relief, the DRX also encourages the restoration of healthy nutrient and water intake to the disc, crucial for its survival. 
spinal decompression

The DRX-9000 traction unit differs from standardized spinal tractioning units because it self adjusts the amount of traction given based on the response it receives from your body. When your body senses the tractioning pull, it instinctually reacts by muscle spasming to prevent the pull. The DRX overcomes this through its mechanism of pulling and relaxing throughout the duration of traction. This makes the DRX more effective at symptom relief because it’s working with your body and its natural reactions, rather than against it.

DRX-9000 traction protocol in conjunction with gentle Chiropractic adjustments have taken many of my patients from a place of pain and hardly being able to walk, to dancing, golfing, and having an enjoyable energetic life!

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